English Project Week

14th to 18th May 2018

We had the pleasure to welcome a team of up to eight teachers this year. It really paid off that we had delayed the project week from February to May because on the original date in February only three groups with three trainers would have been available. So flexibility and spontaneity really paid off.

We always can choose two different topics for the project week. After we had decided to do “Sports“ and “Travelling“ last year we have chosen “Communication and Pronunciation“ and “Fitness and Health“this year. As the pupils were really enthusiastic, we definitely had made right choice.

Some kids even had the chance to be taught in a one-to-one lesson which gave them the oportunity to get some specific instructions and extra guidance to improve their English.

The teachers were really amazing and our kids really enjoyed their lively, motivating programme with lots of songs, games, raps and drama.

The trainers were  all native speakers from different countries what made the lessons even more exciting. It was an additional gain for our students to have the chance to listen to several different dialects from a British, American, Canadian, Australian and a Welsh one.

The highlight as every year was the Final Performance on Friday which was a geat laugh for us all, the teachers and the pupils of the NMS and the parents.

So thousand thanks to the gorgeous team of ABCi. The project was absolutely terrific and the kids really enjoyed it from the first moment to the last.